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Anandamaya Residence, JAKARTA


Anandamaya Residence is a luxurious apartment complex consisting of 3 towers with 4-level basement, with a total area of 171,100 sq.m. When completed it will deliver 509 high-end apartment units right in Jl. Sudirman  Jakarta.


The design of crowns of each other tower features 28.3 meters column free span portal to create grandeur and accomodate space for its penthouse units. The crown structure is designed using steel pipe space truss, approximately 11 m above the roof slab. To accommodate movement due to differential temperature, wind and earthquake load  sliding bearings are used at one end of the truss.



Client :  JV Hongkong Land & Astra Internasional

Architect :  SCDA  Singapore & Anggara Architeam

Contractor : Tatamulia Nusantara Indah